Questions you should ask your estate planning attorney

Questions you should ask your estate planning attorney in Utah

Effective communication is the foundation of all good relationships and the attorney client relationship is no different. Your attorney will need to know your financial and family situation to give you the best advice. Look for an attorney who empowers you to ask questions and one who will explain what estate planning strategies they are using and why. Questions you need to know the answers to are:

1) What are the possible tax consequences to your estate plan

2) What’s needed to be done to implement your estate plan, before you leave your attorney’s office you need a list of what your responsibilities are.

3) Make sure you know what services the attorney is providing and how much those services will cost, you also need to know what if any other costs will be associated with your estate plan.

4) Finally, you need to know if your plan is permanent or if it can be undone. This is important because families change, tax laws change, and desires change.