Criminal defense is and always has been a part of my practice, it is the reason I went to law school and protecting the rights of others is something I am extremely passionate about. I haven’t featured criminal defense very often on the blog but that is going to change moving forward. My criminal defense practice mostly derives from the modest means program through the state bar or my Pro Bono efforts but I’ve seen a lot of misinformation lately about our constitutional rights and our relationship with the government and the police; at the end of the day the articles I write on the blog and the videos I make, are about educating people and I’m making a concentrated effort to make more educational content focused on our individual rights. Look for more content about the history of where our right to an attorney came from, and the right to remain silent and its “trappings”.

It sounds cliche’ but when you are charged with a crime your world stops and you feel overwhelmed. First, it’s important to acknowledge that being overwhelmed and the feeling of hopelessness are completely valid; what you can’t let happen is letting that hopelessness paralyze you. Being charged with a crime means that the state or federal government has narrowed its focus on you with the sole purpose of punishing you. The punishment might be as little as a fine and it might be as serious as taking away your liberty; but there’s no doubt that once the government invests the time to charge you, it is not going to stop until you’ve been punished or the judge orders them to stop. If there’s a modern day equivalent to David and Goliath, it’s the power dynamic between an average citizen and the government. The power dynamic between people and its government is why you need an advocate to defend you and assert your rights. Being accused of a crime will probably make you feel like the whole world is against you; during that time you need an ally and an advocate that won’t let a moment in time define who you are for the rest of your life and I will always advocate for my clients and not let them stand alone.