Estate Planning

One of the most important protections we can provide to our loved ones after our passing is a clear and complete estate plan. Comprehensive estate planning provides for more than just the distribution of assets. What clients talk about most when they come to my office is their family relationships.

Asset Protection Trusts

An asset-protection trust is a term that covers a wide range of trusts and legal structures. Most asset protection trusts are set up in an attempt to avoid or mitigate the effects of taxation, divorce, and bankruptcy for the trust’s beneficiaries.

Special Needs Trusts

If you have a beneficiary who is disabled either mentally or physically, you need a special needs trust. A special needs trust is written so that the trust’s beneficiary can enjoy using the property held in the trust for his or her benefit, while simultaneously allowing the beneficiary to receive government benefits essential to their daily needs.

Medicaid Trusts

Often times Medicaid represents the biggest source of care for people who want alternatives to nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. Medicaid Asset Protection is protection and planning against the spend-down requirements under Medicaid.

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Planning becomes very important when the natural beneficiaries of a client’s estate comprise of a second or even fifth spouse, and the respective children from each of the client’s marriages, as well as any children from the spouse’s previous marriage(s).

Gun Trusts

Weapons regulated by the National Firearms Act such as suppressors Machineguns, Short Barreled Rifles (SBR), Short Barreled Shotguns (SBS), Any Other Weapons (AOW) or a Destructive Device (DD) may use a trust as a vehicle to obtain these weapons.  A NFA or “Gun” Trust is a private and convenient way to enjoy Title II weapons.

Pet Trusts

For the majority of families pets are a dearly loved family member. Most people probably wonder what they would do without their pets, but Pet Trusts contemplate and plan for what your pet would do without you.

Business Succession

An important aspect of planning for your business’ future is to have a seamless succession plan in place. In fact, your succession plan can be every bit as important in determining how much you ultimately earn from your business as your original business plan.

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