Divorce Modifications

Divorce Modifications in UtahUtah Divorce Attorney

The one thing we can count on in this life is change, and the way our family is structured is no different. The changing social fabric of the family means a change in custodial or visitation arrangements do occur often. Modifications in Utah divorce cases can take two forms. There are instances where one party in a divorce proceeding matter wishes to change a court order in an active divorce matter and there are other instances where a change is requested in a divorce matter that has been concluded.

Modification of Custody In Salt Lake City

Child custody and visitation orders are generally modifiable whenever the court finds a modification is necessary or when it’s in the child’s best interests. Typically, the parent seeking a custody modification must show a significant change of circumstances that would support such a modification. Often times these can include changes in work schedules, changes in location, such as the non-custodial parent moving closer to the custodial parent, child’s preference, or irresponsible parenting issues.

When one parent seeks to relocate or “move-away” from the geographic area where they once lived, there is a serious issue as to which parent should have custody of the children. In addition to standard custody modification issues, Garner Law has experience in the area of these move-away cases and can help you define your goals and work towards them, whether your goal is to prevent the other parent from moving, or whether you are seeking to relocate.

When Can you File for a Modification of Child Custody in Salt Lake City, Draper, or South Jordan

You may seek a modification of child custody and visitation orders at any time.  The court may find a visitation and/or child custody order modification “necessary or proper” if it’s in the child’s best interest.  The parent who seeks the child custody modification will need to show the court a significant change of circumstances to support the modification request. If you believe that your child should be spending more time with you and less with the other parent, consult with your attorney to explore your options.

Modifications of Child Support in Salt Lake City

Changing economics and changing custody or visitation arrangements frequently result in the need or entitlement for a change in support arrangements. Child support orders are modifiable at any time as the court deems necessary. Even if the parties have agreed that support may not be modified, child support may be modified at any time to the mandatory statewide child support guidelines. If you are seeking a modification or trying to prevent a modification that would be harmful, an experienced family law attorney can help. Garner Law handles post-divorce modifications for clients in Salt Lake City and throughout surrounding areas. We can help you pursue a modified divorce decree that reflects what is going on today.

Modifying or Terminating Spousal Support in Utah

Spousal support can be modified or terminated. Spousal support may be a long-term obligation with significant long-term financial impact on both parties. Accordingly, changes in the financial, living situations, and health situations can affect the continued obligation to pay support. Unfortunately, the court isn’t going to reduce your payments without you doing anything about it. You need the advice and guidance of an attorney that has reduced or eliminated spousal support payments for their clients. If you are currently in a divorce or are paying too much spousal support, you must take action now. We use proven strategies to reduce the spousal support obligations of men from all walks of life. Even though courts are supposed to determine spousal support payments fairly using a calculation founded in law, alimony awards are almost always biased towards women. We have the knowledge and expertise to get your spouse back to work and to have you pay less each month.


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