Pet Trusts

Pet Trusts in Utah

animal-dog-pet-brownFor the majority of families pets are a dearly loved family member. Most people probably wonder what they would do without their pets, but Pet Trusts contemplate and plan for what your pet would do without you. Each pet has their own personality and needs, and a Pet Trust ensures that your pet will be taken care of in your absence. A Pet Trust plans exactly how their veterinary needs are to be handled and ensures that your pets will continue to live happy and healthy lives.

Many people take the approach that asking friends or family members to take care of their pets is an efficient solution. Unfortunately, many animals end up at shelters after these agreements have been put into place. The agreements discussed above are not enforceable and the animals end up being too much trouble for the potential caretaker.

Pet Trust Attorney in Salt Lake City

A Pet Trust is usually established for the care and maintenance of a particular animal. The Pet Trust will include instructions for who you want to handle your pet’s needs and how to spend assets left to them after you become incapacitated or die. Pet Trusts are able to set up rules and guidelines for the care of your animals. The Trust is designed to use a portion of your assets to provide your pet with all of the care and comfort they had when you were alive. A Pet Trust will provide for the health, maintenance, support, housing, and any other special instructions necessary for the care of your beloved pet. Under Utah law, a trust can be created that provides for all of your pets and other domestic animals, such as horses, dogs, cats, and birds.

Pet Trusts in South Jordan, Draper, and Salt Lake City

A Pet Trust provides peace of mind and is probably one of its most important attributes. A Pet Trust is a binding trust that requires that your animal be cared for in specific ways. If the caretaker is not following your directions, a new caretaker will be appointed. Therefore the trust prevents the caretaker from using your assets in an inappropriate way or not giving your pet the attention it deserves. The funding of your Pet Trust can be in any amount and upon the death of your pet, any assets remaining in the Pet Trust can be distributed to any person or charity you choose.

Pet Trusts are the best way to plan for the future of your pet that has taken care of you. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with our attorneys in order to discuss whether a Pet Trust would be appropriate for you and your family.


Because of all these potential pitfalls an estate plan should be custom-built for you and it is important to do things correctly the first time around. Feel free to contact us to set up a free consultation or simply to ask some clarifying questions.