A conservator is appointed by the court to manage the property and financial affairs of a ward. It is common for a guardian and conservator to be the same person but there is a big difference between the two positions. Some examples of the conservator’s trustee responsibilities include income, real property, and bank accounts. The conservator must use reasonable care by using their skill and knowledge to manage and invest the estate as a prudent investor would.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is about dictating the results of an uncertain future and it’s one of the most important protections we can provide to our loved ones. Comprehensive estate planning provides for more than just the distribution of assets. What clients talk about most  is their family relationships and how they can protect them.

Family Law

When everything you have and care about is on the line, you may not know who to turn to. We are here to provide you with an unparalleled level of client service to achieve the results and resolution that you need. Find peace of mind and clarity by working with our team to resolve any and all family law matters. We understand that the issues you face will have long lasting consequences and that you have an advocate that will help you through this trying time.


Courts through an adversarial process create a legal guardianship between a guardian and their ward. After a guardian has been appointed the guardian has a legal right and duty to care for the ward. Often times guardianship involve making personal decisions on behalf of the ward. Usually, a person has the status of guardian because the ward is incapable of caring for his or her own interests due to infancy, incapacity or disability.


When a loved one passes away with just a will, or no estate plan at all, their families have to go through a process called probate.The death of a family member can be an emotionally exhausting and tumultuous time. The process can be overwhelming for those who are called on in this difficult time to oversee the distribution of the estate and without clear direction the estate could suffer.

Probate Litigation

We understand if litigation is not managed and pursued appropriately it can be very costly. We will work with you toward your desired goal and will respond to your needs by providing a skilled team who understands the need to balance compassion with an aggressive litigation approach. We handle estates of all sizes and will work with you and your family to advocate your concerns and positions.