Protective Orders

Protective Orders in Utahclock

Regardless of gender, there is nothing more important than the safety of our clients. Anyone who is subjected to acts of domestic violence can seek immediate court ordered protection. We carefully evaluate all of our family law cases to determine if there is cause for concern and a need for proactive measures. It isn’t uncommon for people to make false accusations to obtain a protective order or restraining order in order to improve their position in a custody battle.

What Does a Protective Order Do In Utah

Protective orders limit the rights of those who are subject to them. They can prohibit a person from going to another person’s home, school, place of work, and any other place where that person goes frequently. They also can prevent a person from contacting another person directly or indirectly. A person with a protective order against him or her also cannot possess firearms. Protective order violations are punishable as either a Class A misdemeanor or a third-degree felony.

How to Obtain a Civil Protective Order in Salt Lake City

To obtain a civil protective order, a person who has been the victim of domestic violence, or who is in imminent danger of being a victim of domestic violence, files a petition for a protective order with the district court. The petition must outline the conduct of the person against whom the other person is seeking a protective order. The court accepts the allegations as true in the petition and if the allegations are enough for a protective order, the  court will issue the protective order and set a hearing to determine whether the protective order should become permanent. The protective order must then be served formally on the accused.


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