Separation Agreements Utah Separation Agreement

Separation Agreements in Utah

Temporary separation is an optional step spouses may take before filing for divorce, especially if they are not sure they want to divorce, but they need court orders to establish temporary provisions concerning alimony, property and debt management and division, health care insurance, housing, child support, child custody and parent time. Either spouse can petition the district court for a temporary separation order if the spouses are lawfully married; and if both spouses have resided in Utah for at least 90 days.

Duration of Separation Agreements in Salt Lake City

A temporary separation order is valid for one year from the date of the hearing, unless the case is dismissed earlier. If one of the spouses files a petition for divorce while the temporary separation order is in effect, the temporary separation order will continue until the divorce is completed. After a petition for temporary separation has been filed and served, both spouses must attend a divorce orientation course if there are minor children from the marriage. The petitioner must attend the course within 60 days after filing the petition and the respondent must attend the course within 45 days after being served.


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